Effects of Tea Polyphenols

1.Skin and tea polyphenols:The outcome of the several experimental studies suggests that green tea possess anti- inflammatory and anticarcinogenic potential,which can very well be exploited against a variety of skin disorders.

2.Antioxidant effects of tea:They may also function ndirectly as antioxidants through 1)inhibition of the redox-sensitive   transcription   factors,nuclear   factor- kappaB  and  activator  protein-1;2)inhibition  of  pro- oxidant enzymes,such as inducible nitric oxide synthase, lipoxygenases,cyclooxygenases  and  xanthine  oxidase and 3)induction of phase II and antioxidant enzymes, such   as   glutathione   S-transferases   and   superoxide dismutases  (Frei  and  Higdon,2003).

3.EGCG is effective in reducing acid production in dental plaque and mutans Streptococci.EGCG  and  epicatechin gallate inhibits actatede hydrogenase activity much more efficiently than epigallocatechin,epicatechin,catechin  or  gallocatechin. (Hirasawa et al.,2006).